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School Fund

All of the money that we collect is held in our private School Fund. This includes money for visits, Early Bird Club, after-school club, and from fundraising events e.g. our 'Christmas Fair', Nursery Obstacle Race, Rudolph Christmas Cards, 'Music Night', 'Hotdog & Race Night'  and for external charity fundraising e.g. 'Jeans for Genes', 'Children in Need', 'Comic Relief'.


In 2015/16, our income was £19,081.67 and our expenditure was £19,625.48. During the year we used some of the fundraising to buy 'extras' for the children and school. This included prizes for competitions, refreshments for events, Christmas presents for children, paint for the school premises, mini i-pads for KS1, re-furbishment of library including new books/tables/chairs, art + craft & gardening equipment, cookery ingredients, and science materials. The focus for our fundraising spending in 2016/17 is the purchase of new pupil chairs for all classes.


Our School Fund is  externally audited by Mrs Carol Pace, an accountant who has no connection to our school, and our carry forward for September 2016 was £7,257.93.

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