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P.E. and Sport in our School


Our vision is that all children will improve their health and well-being through participation and enjoyment in P.E. and Sports, with increased self confidence, team work, enjoyment and resilience, which supports children to develop healthy lifestyles.

Our mission is to ensure that children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is enhanced with extra curricular clubs and support and leave our school with experiences they will cherish for a lifetime.

Our ambition is for children at our school to be more active more often, by offering more opportunities for children to achieve quality 30 minutes of physical activity everyday through PE and Sports, clubs, active lunchtimes, and sustainable, active travel to/from school through our Modeshift STARS' work.


We encourage children to be active and have achieved the 'Leading Aspect Award' for 'Raising Attainment through Physical Exercise and Sporting Opportunities'. Each day at 8:50am before school begins, we hold a 10 minute 'Wake & Shake' session in the school hall for Year 1/2, their parents/carers and staff. Reception children start their school day with 'Dough Disco' or 'Squiggle while you Whilst you Wiggle'.

The P.E. curriculum is broad and balanced, incorporating visitors, clubs, extra-curricular activities and workshops in school, with many opportunities for children to participate in P.E. and Sport outside school e.g. inter-schools competitions, 'Gifted & Talented' local events, and the'Mini-Leaders Conference'.

We have weekly after-school clubs for Football and Basketball, led by Derby County Football Club, and at lunch-times our Midday Supervisors organise games e.g. with the parachute, or activities are led by Year 6 'Mini-Leaders' from the Junior School.


We are using our ‘Primary School P.E. Sport Government Funding’ ( 2016/17  £8,332)  through 'Amber Valley School Sport Partnership' to improve/impact on the quality and breadth of P.E. and Sport provision in our school - improving overall participation and attainment, and supporting specific children to further their abilities. AVSSP are a local charity helping schools with PE, School Sport and Physical Activity, and we subscribe to the partnership to access a number of opportunities that our children can access including a wide ranging competition calendar and support around the PE curriculum. Through our partnership with AVSSP we have 'Bikeability' training for our Y2 children, and 'Balance Bike' training for our Reception children through the LA.

We have an external sports coach for one day each week, Mr Willdig, who works alongside teachers to up-skill staff to deliver high quality P.E. for half termly themes in wider areas such as ‘Street Dance’, 'Net & Wall' games, & 'Striking & Fielding'.

Clubs and activities are organised for break-times, curriculum times, and after-school for specific groups/children e.g. who are deemed less active, and barriers to their participation are addressed - 'Girls Football' and 'Physical Literacy'.There are also opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills e.g. Mini-Leaders, and for them to use the skills that they have learnt in intra/inter-school competitions e.g. Winter Olympics, Dodgeball Competition.


P.E. and Sport are celebrated across the life of the school including a weekly 'P.E. & Sports Star' award.


Our P.E. & Sport Funding


The government have funded us £8,332 for 2016/17 to improve P.E. and Sport in our school. More information on the Sport Premium can be found at ''.

We have used our funding in partnership with 'Amber Valley School Sports Partnership'Their support includes  Professional Development for Staff, in school and after-school clubs, 'Gifted & Talented' activities, links to 'Clubs in the Community',   competitions, Sports Leadership opportunities, and Curriculum support.


A breakdown of money spent from the premium can be seen below:

- Opengate Sport Specialist Support x1 day per week     £5,850

- Amber  Valley School Sports Partnership Affiliation      £500

- Transport of pupils for fixtures                              £150

- Trophies and Medals                                           £100

- In School Equipment                                           £300

- Workshops, visitors, resources, Scheme of Work          £1,432

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