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KINS began the Artsmark journey, alongside our partner schools in the ‘Skylark Cluster’.


Our aim is to enhance and improve our ‘Range of Offer’ for the Arts, working with Artsmark partner organisations, such as The Mighty Creatives.



The key research findings of the Cultural Learning Alliance are:

- Learning through the arts and culture can improve attainment in Maths and English... develop skills & behaviour that lead children to do better at school

- Students from low income families who take part in activities are three times more likely to get a degree

- People who take part in the arts are 38% more likely to report good health


Our goals are...

- opportunities for children to work with/see professionals with specific expertise e.g. artists, dance and drama teachers, musicians, and use a wide range of resources and equipment to enhance our provision

- opportunities for staff professional development to improve their skills/knowledge in the arts

- whole-school priority and focus - integrated through the curriculum and school-life

Awards and initiatives



We are very proud to be one of a small number of schools to have been allocated the ‘Amber Valley Active’ Champion school GOLD Award for outstanding contributions towards Physical Education.

We hold a variety of School Awards including;

- 'Leading Aspect Award' - Raising attainment through physical activities and sporting opportunities

- 'Modeshift' Bronze and Silver - Winner of Midlands Regional Award

- 'Sunsafe schools'

- School Sports Partnership

- Healthy Schools

- Anti-Bullying 'STOP'

- Financial Management in Schools (FMSIS)

- Active Mark

- Artsmark School