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Everything that we do at our school is focussed on the ethos and values of...

  • We work hard, listen and do our best!
  • We know how to 'Speak Out!'
  • We keep happy and safe!
  • We respect the differences of others!
  • We celebrate achievements!
  • We like to make people proud of us!
  • We learn to help our future choices!
  • We look after each other and know how to stop bullying!
  • We are kind, well-mannered and helpful!
  • We learn how to be healthy!

'I feel safe and happy at school'  Macy  Age 5

'It is a lovely place because the teachers care about you'  Ivy  Age 6

'I love the school trips so much'  Eleanor  Age 7

'I love my teachers and learning'  Archie  Age 7