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Online Safety


If you would like further support and advice regarding online safety, please contact Mrs Joanne Baillie (Designated Safeguarding Lead) or Mrs Louise Swinfield (Deputy DSL) or Miss Hannah Jesson (DDSL) at school.

Filters and Parental Controls

Children can accidentally or deliberately be exposed to illegal, unwanted or unpleasant content online, but there are some simple steps you can take at home to help minimise this risk.

  • Make sure you install anti-virus software, filters and parental controls on your child's device before giving it to them
  • Ensure that you are role-modelling good behaviour by using strong passwords yourself; make them difficult to guess and don't share them with your children
  • Remember that blocks and filters are not 100% effective and you can't rely on them alone to protect your children, so remind them to tell you if they see something upsetting online
  • Take an active interest in your child's online life and engage in the digital world with them, playing new games and exploring websites together, with opportunities to discuss online safety

Take a look at the interactive guide to parental controls available from Internet Matters -


Online Safety Support: For resources, ideas and support, including the DITTO magazine, please contact Alan Mckenzie at ''