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Pupil Voice

We regularly ask our children for their thoughts and ideas for all kinds of things.. from how to spend fundraising to how we can make learning at our school even better! Please see below for examples of 'Pupil Voice'..

In Summer 2024 we asked our children, 'what would you say about our school?'. This is what they said!


'The teachers are really kind and helpful' Max - 5

'I love the mud kitchen and it makes me happy' Stevie - 4

'I love my teachers they are really nice. I love the dinners and puddings they are so yummy' Rufus - 5

'I have felt so welcome since I started' Amin - 3

'All my teachers are nice and I like to see my friends' Katie - 4

' I love that we have a real beanstalk and I climb up it like Jack to the clouds & slide down' Jack - 5

'My favourite things to do at school are playing, Maths and sounding out in Phonics' Dexter - 4

'I like school because we see friends and learn' Phoebe - 5

'I love my teachers and I give them a hug and I have lots of friends' Andie - 5

'I like all the fun things we do at school' Andrew - 5

'I love school because it has so many fun things to do' Evelyn - 4

'I love school' Scarlett - 4

'I love doing all fun activities' William - 5

'School is fun and the teachers have lovely smiles on their faces everyday' Iona - 4

'I like this school because I like learning about interesting things' Darcie-Lou - 7

'I love my teachers because they are nice' Willow - 6

'It's beautiful' Joshua - 4

'I have lots of lovely friends' Lilias - 6

'Doing sports and being with my friends' Billy - 6

'I like the books and it is a good school' Rose - 7

'The school is good and I like learning' Archie - 4

'Lovely kind staff, fun school trips, safe and comfortable space' Brooke - 7

'School is amazing. I like my teachers. I have lots of fun' Oliver - 4

'I like all the sports we do' Logan - 6

'I love learning with my teachers and love dressing up days - superheroes is my favourite' George - 5

'I like all the school trips because they're always fun' Samuel - 7

'I like learning at my school' Spencer - 7

'I love school because everybody is kind' Hollie - 7

'I like playing with friends at playtime' Willow-Ivy - 6

'The teachers help me so much to learn' Skyla-Rae - 5

'I love Phonics, dinner time and playtime' Grace - 5

'I like to come to school to see teachers and friends' Dawson - 7

'All of the adults are very nice and caring' Theo - 6

'I love it!' Tilly - 7

'I love all the toys and my friends in Nursery' Caleb - 4

'I love my school dinner' Lawson - 5

'I love to learn at school' Evie - 6

'My teachers are lovely and kind' Lily - 6

'I love school and my teachers' Emily - 6

'The teachers help us try our best' Brandon - 6

'I like playing at school and I really like the water table and singing with my friends' Heather - 3

'I love my school because the teachers are kind and the learning is fun' Lana - 6