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Pupil Voice

We regularly ask our children for their thoughts and ideas for all kinds of things.. from how to spend fundraising to how we can make learning at our school even better! Please see below for examples of 'Pupil Voice'..

In Summer 2022 we asked our children, 'what would you say about our school?'. This is what they said!


'The teachers are very nice & they help me learn new things everyday'  Mia - 6

'I love my school because you get to meet lots of new friends'  Emre - 7

'I really liked the bird watching because it was lovely to see the birds so close'  Lily - 6

'The teachers are the best!'  Anastasia - 6

'I like P.E. with Mr Smith'  Arthur - 5

'I like seeing my friends & teachers & the food is delicious'  Jamie - 7

'It is a lovely place because the teachers care about you'  Ivy - 6

'My favourite thing  is Woodland Wednesday & playing in the woods with my friends. I also love drinking hot chocolate there too'  Evie - 4

'When you ask a teacher a question they always listen. Teachers have big smiles all of the time'  - Franki-Rae - 6

'We have lots of nice things to play with that makes it fun to learn'  Theo - 4

'I like going on school trips because I like looking at new things'  Ruben - 6

'I love my teachers and learning'  Archie - 7

'I feel safe and happy at school'  Macy - 5