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In Nursery (FS1) we provide an enabling environment that allows for children to develop important life skills such as curiosity, creativity, problem solving, use of their imagination, concentration and persistence through purposeful child initiated play experiences. We exploit opportunities for independent learning through the use of regular routines which positively impact on well-being, confidence, and behaviour. Child initiated themes are supported  via ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’ and our own schemes of work/learning (see our 'Curriculum' tab).


In Reception (FS2) we provide a balanced curriculum of teacher/child led activities on a daily basis. Outdoor provision is set up and provided each day during the morning and afternoon sessions. We deliver differentiated whole class teaching sessions of English, Maths and Phonics and work with groups of children in workbooks to provide evidence of their learning.

We use our own schemes of work for some subjects, and the ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’ for half termly theme titles, which deliver a high, stimulating and varied set of topics, introduced with a question, to develop the enquiring mind and extend  the children in all areas of learning to develop a range of skills beginning with a ‘Memorable Experience’. This might include an educational visit to another setting/a visitor in school/specific party (pyjama/story) etc. These ‘experiences’ are designed to inspire our children as they begin their new topic. Our topics include: Do you want to be friend? What happens when I go to sleep? Why don’t snakes have legs? Are we there yet? Why are carrots orange? Will you read me a story?


Our 2017 Ofsted Report stated that ‘Children benefit from an exciting and well-planned curriculum based on accurate assessment information of what they can and cannot do.’  Adults interact with children well to extend and move their learning on. They use questioning effectively to make children think and to extend their language development.’

Please see below for our curriculum coverage of the 7 areas of learning for the EYFS. Our Curriculum Content Overviews Nursery-Year 2 can be viewed on the 'Curriculum' tab of our website'.