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Mental Health & Well-Being

At Kilburn Infant & Nursery school, we are extremely committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of all of our pupils and our staff.

Particularly in the current climate, there are many challenges that everyone is facing and experiencing. We know and understand that these life challenges and experiences that many of us are faced with, require some additional emotional support. We understand that these challenges may make us feel particularly vulnerable at times, and we are committed to supporting anyone who may need any additional emotional support. Everyone deserves to have positive mental health, and everyone has a role to play to support you to get there.


Our Mental Health Lead is Mrs Louise Swinfield.

At Kilburn Infant & Nursery school, there are many ways in which we support the children’s mental health and well-being. For example:

  • Throughout our curriculum and everyday school life, we encourage and support the children to understand their feelings and emotions.
  • We encourage the children to be resilient when challenges occur, to be ready to learn through having a positive mindset, and to be respectful to others.
  • We encourage the children to be self-confident and develop their self-esteem, ensuring that they all know that they matter.
  • We support children to know that they can talk to us and open up, sharing their feelings and worries.
  • We support the children to build and maintain positive social relationships with others.

Our School Approach


Please click below to read about our school pathway to support mental health and wellbeing.

If you require further support or information, please contact Mrs Swinfield. 




‘SMILERS’ is an initiative from Derbyshire County Council, and is an acronym to help us all to remember the things we can do – physically and mentally – to help us in our wellbeing, through all of our ups and downs. 

We use 'The Colour Monster' and 'Zones of Regulation' to talk to our children about their feelings; no matter how big or small – to help them to think about how they think, feel and respond. We support one another, move, share our interests and look around our environment; we encourage eating well and resting whilst all staying connected.  It is not just for children, but for all of our grown-ups too!

Useful links


ChatHealth - 0800 028 0077 (24 hour, 7 days a week support service)