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Our Governing Board

We have a very supportive Governing Board who give a large amount of voluntary time to  improve the education of every child at our school.


Our Governing Board have 3 main roles, to:

- lead our strategy, vision and ethos

- hold the Head teacher to  account for the educational performance of the school and our pupils, and the performance management of staff

- oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure the money is well spent


We have 4 main Governing Board Committees that meet termly - Finance & Premises, Teaching & Learning, Personnel, and Safeguarding. We have a wide variety of skills, experiences and knowledge within our Governing Board e.g. Finance, Safeguarding, Human Resources, parenting, and we are able to utilise all Governor skills within our Governing Board structure. Most Committee meetings are on Wednesdays or Thursdays from 3:30p.m., and the 'Teaching & Learning' Committee is on a Wednesday at 1:30pm.


All of our Governors meet 4 times a year at a Full Governing Board meeting, which includes reviewing the work of the committees. Full Governing Board meetings are usually on Mondays from 7p.m.


Throughout the year, Governors who  are able to volunteer extra time, support school through a variety of work linked to our 'School Improvement' aims  for the year

e.g. Raising the focus, provision & achievement in Reading. Governor activities may include 'Pupil Interviews', 'Book Looks (looking at pupil's written work)', talking to the School Council, monitoring the spending of our Sports Funding money, supporting the Head teacher and staff in 'Learning Walks', giving out attendance badges at our monthly Parent's Assembly, meetings with staff, supporting school with the purchase of resources e.g. i-pads, or training alongside staff e.g. Safeguarding


All Governors joining us are provided with induction and on-going training opportunities, and an 'Induction Folder' with current information about the school and the Governing Board.


Current Governing Board


In accordance with DfE regulations, the following is a list of the members of our Governing Body, their date of appointment, the committees they are part of, and any additional responsibilities. All terms of office are for four years. 'RB&PI' = 'Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests'.


  1. Mrs Elizabeth Boyd (Chair) Parent - February 2018 -Teaching & Learning (Chair), Safeguarding (Chair); Class Governor; Literacy; no RB&PI
  2. Mrs Louise Swinfield - Staff - July 2018 - Finance & Premises; Safeguarding; no RB&PI
  3. Mrs Joanna Morrell - Local Authority - October 2020 - Finance & Premises (Chair); Safeguarding; Class Governor; no RB&PI
  4. Mr Keith Eaton - Co-opted - November 2018 - Finance & Premises; Personnel; Anti-Bullying + Maths; no RB&PI
  5. Mrs Amy Brindley (Vice Chair) - Parent - October 2017 - Finance & Premises; Personnel; Class Governor; no RB&PI

  8.  Mrs Gerry Thomas - Co-opted - December 2018 - Personnel,

     Teaching & Learning; EYFS + SEND; no RB&PI

  9.   Mrs Amiee Hacisalihoglu - Parent - October 2021 - Teaching & Learning;

      Safeguarding; Class Governor; no RB&PI

  10.  Mr Jake Wright - Parent - January 2022 - Finance & Premises; no PB&PI

  11.  Mrs Joanne Baillie - Head teacher - Governor - all committees +

      Full Governing Body meetings; no RB&PI


Please contact school if you would like copies of the structure and responsibilities of the Full Governing Board, or the Committees, and/or if you would be interested in becoming a School Governor!




A Message from the Governors:

Excellence and Enjoyment

As your Governing Body, we have worked together with your School to achieve excellence and enjoyment. We hope you agree this has been another successful year.


‘Wow’ What a difference a year makes.  We have been very proud to attend your assemblies to celebrate your superb attendance, alongside your Parents. You should all be very proud of your achievements through your great attendance. Keep up the good work!

Enhancements to your School

From your School Councils amazing ideas, their visions have made a huge visual change to your School, such as the colourful secure fencing and gates. The Reception Playground which will provide enjoyment for yourselves and others for many years to come for Outdoor Learning and play.


As Governors we have enjoyed our visits to your classrooms and we are very impressed with your behaviour and attitude to learning. Look out for us next year as we have many visits planned. We have been very lucky to have been invited to your super school trips out of the Classroom such as Twycross Zoo.

A HUGE thank you to your Head Teacher, Staff, Parents and Helpers for all of their support.